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When Buying Your Pysanky Egg . . .

I hope you enjoy my holiday and traditional eggs.  It's a craft I've loved doing and teaching, for so many years.  Since these are handcrafted items, no two are ever exactly alike, although similar.  The main design is followed closely but then whimsy steps in and there may be just the smallest variation in other areas that will make your egg a truly unique gift.  If you find one you would like to buy, I'll start on it as soon as you place your order; but, to make your purchase a happy experience, here are just a few points to keep in mind:

  • all eggs are blown, cleaned, and dried before delivery
  • you must let me know how you plan to display your egg - resting on a stand or as a hanging display - so that the hole can be drilled at the appropriate place
  • for all personalized eggs, check and re-check your spellings, numbers, and dates in the notes section of your order before sending (we copy it exactly as you have written)
  • all Christmas eggs come with a traditional hanging cord - ready for your tree! - unless you choose to display it on a stand
  • all Traditional eggs come with the hole drilled on the bottom for a stand display, unless you specifically request a hanging cord
  • metal findings and tassels are extra
  • all eggs are delivered nestled on poly-grass in a white cardboard gift box
  • this is a handcrafted item begun at time of purchase - please allow two to three weeks for delivery
  • although everything is done to protect your egg from breakage, it's always smart to add postal insurance
  • damaged eggs will be replaced, there are no refunds on hand-crafted items

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