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Projects in book:

Card Rope - Yarn

Garlands - Felt

Garlands - Cloth

Garlands - Paper Beads

Gift Boxes

Ornaments - Felt

Ornaments - Cloth

Ornaments - Yarn

Paper-Mache Bowl

Paper-Mache Tray

Shelf Clown

Sleigh, Turkey Carcass

Table Tree

Tin Can Storage

Tube Candles

Tube Card Holder

Tube Card Tree

and, a few surprises!





If you have lots of money to burn on expensive holiday decorations for your home, then this may NOT be the book for you.  BUT, if you are on a tight budget, have a gift list that doesn't seem to stop, are expected to be fixing the holiday dinner, and have just a little extra time, you've come to the right place!

What I've done is create a book filled with simple themed projects that will make your home very festive during the holidays.  You can choose to keep some projects as ongoing holiday favorites, to be used over and over, as they become cherished heirlooms to be passed down to family members; or, you can make some of them for this year's decorating, only, and throw them away without guilt.

Everything is done within the budget -- and, I've scrupulously stuck to it, so that buying only those items shown on the materials list is what you'll have to get.  The cover shows a grouping of just ten (10) of the projects, to give you an idea of what can be done. 

Most projects are meant to be created and shared with other family members, to make your whole holiday season a time of memory-making and secret sharing! (We crafters know just how much is told during our sessions, don't we!)

There are accompanying how-to photos for each project, so that there is the least amount of trouble putting them together, for even the smallest of hands. Please use common sense and have adults do the serious cutting and scissor work, in addition to any decorating with sharp needles.  Most everything can be done with glue, but, for those of us who like to keep our ornaments forever, making some with needle and thread will make them last longer.





Item Name: Decorating for Christmas on a $15 Budget
Item Number: BKXMS15
Price: $3.99




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