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  It's impossible to be all things to all people -- so, check out what others can do and want to share with you, as well!  We'll try to link to those craft pages offering truly unique projects and fun things to do. Have fun. There are countless other crafting sites and I'm not going to try to include them all, but I will try to locate those that can help in your quest for the most unusual! Try what you like and just enjoy the others!   

This is a great site for those of you with dexterity and patience. Patience with scissors is a real plus! You won't believe what you can build with their FREE downloadable cut-outs. The Empire State Building is just ONE of their many creations. Some great Saturday afternoon family projects!

 The perfect gift for all your new beginnings: your new baby, a wedding, a celebration, or for anyone starting a new adventure -- all are deserving of this truly unique product. These Staria Melodies by Sharlene are, in fact, one-of-a-kind, custom-created melodies based on the exact position of the planets and stars at the time and location of your event! You can choose between the Staria Melody Audio CD or a Staria Photo Memories VCD with your very own original Staria melody playing in the background! Click on ad to hear samples!  


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