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These are photos of the new Lasagna Gardening for my backyard.  Will add to the page as the gardens progress through the seasons so that there's a visual record of what to do and what not to do!  All I know is that this only took five hours to do both -- and that sure beats the old way!


Garden Bed 1

This one has the trellis positioned. Will remove and paint with Fusion a nice metallic bronze to match all other garden containers etc.

Putting On Sides

Decided to even out sides of garden bed. Used 1"x8" boards. Had a great time building them.

Loam in Just Five Weeks

I can't believe this beautiful earth was done in just five weeks. Even has worms enjoying the environment!

A Little Tidier

Not an absolutely perfect surround but definitely better than just spreading every which way.

January "Planting"

Seeds attached with thin flour glue. Spacing eliminates thinning, later. Paper towel acts as mulch.

Planting in Container Garden

Just placed seed sheets in garden and placed marker in center. They must be covered with dirt to prevent papier mache effect. After covering completely with 1/4 layer of dirt (pix shows light coverage to hold sheet in place), give garden thorough watering.

Sprouting Seeds and Scarecrow

All the seeds have sprouted and it should be a great harvest!

Close up

These are turnips, radishes, and beets, with broccoli transplants.

Potato Bed Step One

Pick a spot and lay the newspaper down; thoroughly wet.

Potato Bed - Step Two

Place potato buds 10"-12" apart directly onto newspaper.

Potato Bed - Step Three

Cover each potato bud with at least 6"-8" of soil. Fill in between with any extra soil, but not necessary. Thoroughly dampen without removing soil. NO manure in potato bed.

Potato Bed - Step Four

Add a light layer of straw. When potato plant is approx.6" above straw, add another layer to just under top two leaves. Pack tightly and wet. Continue until 2-1/2' - 3' high. Stakes will hold black plastic in place as plant 'grows' to keep straw in check.

Potato Bed - Step Five

Waiting for nature to take its course.

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