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Eat Anything Diet!


Congratulations for your interest in taking the first steps to creating a better life for yourself.  I’d like to make you a promise that you will take off all the weight you want to – but I cannot.  You have to do that for yourself by following the instructions of the Eat Anything Diet!©  What I can promise is that, if you do follow Steps One through Four for a full 30 days, you will be so delighted with your progress that you will continue along your new path until you have DEFINITELY taken off all the weight you want and will be able to maintain your new slimmer, healthier, self!   

Most diets are too difficult because they require:

·        time, energy, and high-tech exercise programs

·        expensive supplements and continuing diet foods

·        strong appetite-depressant drugs that are potentially habit-forming and can conceivably cause serious damage to your digestive system

The dangers of diet pills should always be considered before you decide to take them. 

Following the Eat Anything Diet! © means goodbye to:

·        expensive additional supplements, diet-specific foods, or pills

·        memorizing lengthy calorie, carbohydrate, or protein charts

·        forbidden foods (unless you are under a doctor’s care) 

Just following steps one through four will change your life forever.   

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